Farewell NYC – For Now


Farewell NYC – For Now


This is my neighborhood for a few years now: Greenpoint, Brooklyn as captured in black and white 35mm film. Also called “Little Poland” due to its high Polish population. It’s the northernmost point in Brooklyn, bordering queens and the views of Manhattan are stunning. This is the view down Greenpoint avenue looking west (click the image for full-res – the highlights on the buildings from the setting sun are nice).


The neighborhood used to house the Tylenol-sponsored Autumn Bowl. Now, with rent prices soaring, the bowl has shut down. But that’s not keeping the local skaters from shredding the many loading docks.


Meanwhile, elsewhere in the neighborhood, friends are setting up their man sheds. Places to escape to so they may work on their bikes in peace.


With these four photos, I bid NYC farewell. Not forever, just for the Winter. I leave the shitty, rainy weather for the moderate temperatures of Austin, Texas where friends and a special lady await. I’ve lived here for 6 years and have spent many Winters riding into work. The 3″ of ice on the bridge, salt-stained bikes and brutal wind chill will have one less year-round cyclist to harden.

Now don’t go freaking out. One of the things I love about blogging is adapting my content to fit my context. Austin’s rich in cycling, music and culture. I’m sure I’ll have a field day exploring. My flight leaves in an hour or so and I’m sitting here writing this as tears come to my eyes.

See you guys on the other side!