Exclusive: TREE Bicycle Co. 4130 Heatreated Sprocket


Exclusive: TREE Bicycle Co. 4130 Heatreated Sprocket


One of the new products that TREE is working on at the moment is the 4130 Heatreated Sprocket. Sam and Nathan were both riding samples when I met up with them on Sunday and they immediately caught my eye. I’ve never seen a sprocket so simple and so elegant: it really does embody the TREE design philosophy.

Check out more information on the TREE 4130 Heatreated Sprocket below !


In the BMX world, steel sprockets are often thought of as cheap but not these. They’re water-jet cut from stock 4130 and then the teeth are machined out with a CNC. Then the entire sprocket undergoes an intense heat-treating process.


The TREE 4130 Heatreated Sprocket is shown here on Nathan’s bike in 28t. It really does wonders to the aesthetics of the bike right?


And here it is on Sam’s Lil Buddy in a 25t.


Since TREE is now manufacturing overseas, they wanted to utilize their production runs to the fullest. TREE will now offer three sprockets, at three pricepoints in two driver options.


Expect the TREE Lite sprocket to be at the top tier, hovering aroung the $60-$80 (depending on size) mark for a splined and $50 for the bolt-drive. The Original sprocket will be below that and the 4130 Heatreated sprocket will come in below that.


The 4130 Heatreated sprocket will come in bolt-drive and splined in various sizes and yes, Sam and Nathan think it’ll be perfect for fixed freestyle. Since these are just prototypes, the design might change slightly but for now, the guys are testing them out and are expecting a production run in a few months.

Thanks to Sam and Nathan for letting me shoot photos of their bikes and you can check out more photos at my Flickr!

An Afternoon with Sam and Nathan from Tree Bicycle Co