Exclusive Look: Mission Workshop’s Roll-Top Shoulder Bag “The Shed”


Exclusive Look: Mission Workshop’s Roll-Top Shoulder Bag “The Shed”

Mission Workshop’s ( @missionworkshop ) “The Shed” in action.

The other day, I decided to blackmail everyone’s favorite new bag company, Mission Workshop into giving me an exclusive look at their new roll-top shoulder bag called “The Shed”. I saw one of their early prototypes while their rep was in NYC a few weeks ago and was really impressed with it. After hacking into their mainframe computer, I quickly downloaded incriminating evidence and here we are! Exclusive photos at the expense of one unlucky employee!

I’m joking of course. The guys and I have been in constant communication since I first got ahold of their cargo backpack, the Vandal and over time, we developed a nice little relationship. What better way to get the word out early? Here’s what they have to say about The Shed!

We are excited to release The Shed, our Roll-Top shoulder bag. We are extremely proud of this bag; it incorporates key elements of the Vandal in to a single strap messenger bag. The Shed will drop on our site tomorrow afternoon; it’s going to be a game changer.

Wanna see more photos? Check them out below!

Utilizing the expanding capabilities of a roll-top bag and the ease of a messenger bag, The Shed combines the best of both worlds. All while remaining comfortable when you’re riding around town with minimal loads.

The Shed holds the same high-quality detailing you’d expect from the Mission Workshop team. Be on the look out for The Shed tomorrow on the Mission Workshop site and don’t forget to follow the crew on Twitter!