Event Recap: The 2011 NW Rapha Gentlemen’s Race


Event Recap: The 2011 NW Rapha Gentlemen’s Race



This day was hell for me as a photographer and I can only imagine how hellish it was for the each of the 26 teams of 6 riders that participated. Slate and the Rapha NW team pulled together one grueling course for the 2011 NW Rapha Gentlemen’s Race. With over 130 miles and upwards of 6,000 feet of elevation, everyone took to their bikes to hit the hills, gravel and in some cases, their asses!

Check out a killer slideshow below!

This slideshow contains around 150 photos. It’s gonna take a while to go through them but it’s well worth it. Sit back, put it to full screen and enjoy. I shot photos from the back of a motorcycle for the first time and it was quite the experience just being there.

These photos represent only half of the content I pulled from the day. The other half will be present in the new Embrocation!

There are also at my Flickr!