Event Recap: Brooklyn Pavé Ride


Event Recap: Brooklyn Pavé Ride

Today was the Brooklyn Pavé Ride. I went into this event thinking I would do A Day in 10 Photos entry, but after I got home and began to edit the photos, I realized I would go way overboard with the post. It was a fantastic ride with people from all walks of life, all on very different bikes. Some chose tourers, others on race bikes and some even did it on track bikes. Blood was shed, cobbles were ridden, beers were had and everyone had a blast!

So here they are; my photos from the day, in chronological order.

The Brooklyn Pavé Ride coincided with the Paris-Roubaix. In celebration of the event, some people went overboard with their bikes. Take Jeremy for example. He built a period-exact copy of Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle’s Lemond from the 1994 Paris-Roubaix. More on this later…

Others came out, wearing their Sunday’s finest.

Or riding their finest. Here’s Fritz’s 7-Eleven. He came along and was taking photos all day. I’m sure some will pop up on the his portfolio site soon!

Jack brought out his Jack Taylor.

Bike’s nice. He needs a haircut though!

Matthew “Devotion” clad in his favorite attire.

Sean rode the most inappropriate bike of the day; a KHS Aero Track. Not the steel one, the aluminum version. With narrow bars to top it off! After we were well into the cobbles, I kept thinking about how much pain he must be in but he stuck it out for the entire route.

We all took off from the Old Stone House around 2pm and headed south. The route had a lot of back-tracking and convenient loops into and out of cobbled side streets. For the most part, it was on nice pavement, but when you hit the cobbles, it was hell. We finally reached Owls Head park and took a breather before heading back into industrial Brooklyn

Some of the industrial areas deep in Brooklyn have nasty cobbled streets. I’m talking foot-deep potholes, train tracks and broken glass everywhere. Here, Vlad took a nasty spill on a side-road, splitting his arm open and wrecking his knee. He was all smiles afterwards though.

Once we got to Red Hook, Scott took us on a rather confusing course through the neighborhood. A lot of the group got split off and we met back up before heading into Dumbo for the final run.

At this point, everyone was beat. People’s bikes were knocked up and everyone was thirsty for some brews.

From Dumbo, we headed back to Park Slope.

Here’s Jamie Swan. He makes beautiful bikes out on Long Island. Dude’s quite the character and like all great craftsman, he rides his own builds.

I really loved the head badge on his bike. Hopefully, I’ll be heading out to his shop shortly to do a little profile on him and his practice. In the meanwhile, check out his site for all kinds of information about the cycling history of NYC.

As I said, we were all thirsty for brews after the long haul home. What better place to quence our thirst than the Park Slope Ale House? UFO on tap! Just what I needed after an exhausting day.

There were so many photos from today, many of which are fueling new posts tomorrow, including Merckx Mondays. Be sure to check back tomorrow for those and for the rest of the photos from the ride, check out my Flickr!

Many thanks to Scott for once again, leading the pack around Brooklyn on one of the most fun group rides I’ve ever been on.