Enough With the Concept Bikes


Enough With the Concept Bikes

I’m kinda sick of all these Maya / Solidworks rendered concept bikes that are for “urban” use. Apologies to Chris Boardman since as far as I can tell, he hasn’t pitched it as one, but there are a fair share of ID projects that showcase some mystery-material bike boasting of “awesomeness” that lack fenders, racks and other things that make “urban” bikes, well urban.

This concept bike is obviously not a race-only bike because Boardman says it’s “Impossible to steal…“; who locks up their race bike? I’m guessing it does imply an urban application. Impossible to steal though? You don’t ride much in NYC do you?

I’d be more keen to see someone design a solid bike for under $200 for Urban use. There’s a challenge for you industrial-designers. No finger-print scanning devices required please.