e r t z u i ° film: La Storica


e r t z u i ° film: La Storica

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With the L’Eroica gaining in popularity year after year, the e r t z u i ° film team wanted to find an event that was a little more underground to document. Something more cozy and intimate. That’s when they came across the La Storica in Italy. The event brought out no more than 150 starters and proved to be just what they were looking for. On Saturday, the team documented the “Cronometro Storico”, a historic 5k time trial along the Via de Republica in Pietra Ligure. The following day, was a bit more relaxed with a 75k ride. The e r t z u i ° film team have a ton of amazing photos from the event. Check them all out here on their Flickr!