DMR WIngbars Safety Recall


DMR WIngbars Safety Recall


I know a lot of you guys ride the DMR Wingbars so listen up!

DMR’s site announced last week the following recall:

SAFETY RECALL – DMR Alloy Handlebars (25.4mm) sold since June 2009

Partridge Green, West Sussex – DMR Bikes, a subsidiary of Upgrade Bikes Ltd, today announced a voluntary recall of the DMR COLOURED ALLOY WINGBAR sold since June 2009.

The handlebar can crack or break, posing a possible fall hazard to the consumer. We have identified a potentially serious safety issue with the latest batch of the 25.4mm anodized alloy Wingbar. It only affects the Coloured Alloy 25.4mm DMR Wingbars sold since June 2009.

Don’t worry though, it doesn’t affect these:
• DMR Alloy Wingbar – 31.8mm with ‘classic graphics’
• DMR Alloy Wingbar with ‘classic graphics’
• DMR Cro-Mo Wingbar with a brace
• DMR Heat treated Cro-Mo Wingbar
• Any DMR bar fitted to a DMR complete bike

Thanks for the heads up Jason!