Death Pedal 2 San Diego Premiere


Death Pedal 2 San Diego Premiere


Be sure you head to San Diego for the Death-Pedal 2 premiere. Wanna hear what I thought of the film? Check out the World Premiere Review.

Here’s what Kareem had to say about the San Diego Premiere:

Leader really stepped it up and booked us a screening at the Ken Cinema in San Diego, CA. Thanks to Leader I will also be in attendance at this event. As the flyer says there will be a Trick/Polo session and Barbecue at 2 at Adams Avenue Park. I can’t thank Sal at Leader enough for coming through in a big way on this!

Remember, this is the second of ONLY SIX premieres in the US. There will not be many chances to see the film here in ‘MERICA so if you live somewhat nearby I highly suggest you make the trek!

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