Dan Bones: 6 Pack Race II Illustration


Dan Bones: 6 Pack Race II Illustration

Everyone thinks NY’rs are stone-cold assholes. To those people I say, spend five minutes with Dan Bones. Dan’s one the nicest guys I know here in NYC. His artwork definitely reflects his personality and pieces like this really bring out the best in Dan. Even though it’s just a preliminary sketch, the art for the 6 Pack Race II flier is looking sick!

Last year, the 6 Pack Race was a huge success. This year, everyone’s hoping for an even better turnout. That’s because unlike last year’s race, this year’s is a benefit race. We’re trying to raise money for Dan G, a local courier who broke his arm in a cycling accident. In order to do so, the organizers need a beer sponsor. They want to charge an entry fee and donate the money to help Dan G’s medical bills. If people have to pay for beer and the race fee, the turnout will be considerably smaller.

So, if you intern at, own or know someone who can kick down some 6-packs from a brewery. Hit me up! Let’s make it happen!