Cyclist in Ohio Hit During Bike to Work Week


Cyclist in Ohio Hit During Bike to Work Week

Damn. This sucks. Well, it sucks seeing this but the cyclist is lucky to be alive. From what I’ve gathered after reading the Youtube comments is that the cyclist who was hit decided to be positive throughout the whole situation. Here’s what he’s saying:

A white work van/truck hitting a cyclist (me) at Lane and High in Columbus Ohio on May 20th, 2010. The driver left the scene and surrounding motorists simply drive off without even asking if I was OK.

He goes on to say:

Some reflections…
Cyclists: riding is safe. Keep your eyes open and protect your important bits.
Drivers: Accidents happen. No hard feelings. Please stop to make sure everyone is alive and well. That is the civilized protocol after any accident- regardless of the vehicles involved.

and finishes with:

Just trying to stay positive about the whole thing and posted this to inform cyclists and drivers alike. Thanks.

Wow. I’m speechless. No anger. No “F U” to the driver. Is he even attempting to track down the guy and press charges? Not that I can tell. He’s maintaining his sanity through positivity. Impressive.