Curve Cycling: Titanosaur Crowdfunding Project


Curve Cycling: Titanosaur Crowdfunding Project

What better name to call Curve Cycling’s 36″ wheeled gravel bike than the Titanosaur? The Australian brand is holding a pre-order to secure deposits for at least 20 Titanosaurs to bring this beast to the masses. Read on for more information.

36″ wheeled bikes have been a thing in very niche circles of the framebuilding world for years now. We first covered one in our 2018 NAHBS coverage from Black Sheep Bicycles.

The Titanosaur is a titanium gravel bike for tall people. It’s a drop-bar titanium 36-inch wheel bike designed to ride like the other bikes in the Curve range. The builds will feature a new carbon fork and Curve’s 36” Coop Hoops, the brand’s new carbon rim wheel.

Getting financial commitments from 20 riders will confirm there is sufficient interest to push forward with this awesome project and bring stunning titanium bikes to the tall people of the world. The early financial commitments will fund the costly final stages of development, which include producing a custom fork mold as well as lab testing the final rounds of prototype forks and frames.

If Curve doesn’t secure commitments from 20 people by the FPOI (fist-pump of interest) date, Curve will refund the money to those who made commitments, cancel the project and quietly sob to itself for a few weeks or years.

Commitment Required: AUD5,000. Balance on delivery
FPOI (Fist Pump of Interest) Date: 21 March 2024, funds to be received by this date
Number of Commitments Needed to Proceed: 20
Latest Delivery Date: 21 March 2025
Full Price: AUD13,999 (including 10% Australian GST) for the Force AXS level build or AUD12,999 for the Rival AXS level build. This includes global delivery. Details below

Interested in wielding this beast?

Get in touch with Curve at to pledge your support for the Titanosaur. You will need to pay your AUD5,000 deposit before 21 March 2024, the FPOI date. For the project to proceed we need financial commitments from 20 people. If we do not receive sufficient interest your deposit will be refunded by 31 March 2024 and the project cancelled.

Check out more information at Curve Cycling.