Creative Exposure Pt 2: A WTF-NB Database of Photographers and Videographers


Creative Exposure Pt 2: A WTF-NB Database of Photographers and Videographers

First off, wow, wow wow! The response to our initial release of this list and exposure highlight of the first few creatives was profound and I truly, from the depths of my heart, appreciate it. I built this list with the hopes of it being an outlet used for bringing new creatives opportunities within the industry, a reference point for those who have hopes and dreams of entering into the photography/videography side of the industry and to provide the exposure that these talented individuals deserve.

For those of you who are new here, I started compiling this list back in 2019 after photographing Crankworx and realizing that there weren’t many (if any) other female-identifying photographers/videographers shooting the event. I had known of just one who had attended a conference at the event, but she wasn’t present, at the time, on the field. In the last 4.5 years, I have managed to compile a list of 90 (and growing) women, trans, femme, and non-binary creatives who shoot either photo or video within the cycling industries. And while I am sure there are plenty of names that you are familiar with, it is my hope that this list opens your eyes to at least a few more. And with thanks to The Radavist, there is now a platform that is helping me bring even more awareness to these creatives by highlighting eight individuals each quarter. This list is ever-growing and I will continue to update it as I discover new identifying creatives, however, if you’d like to apply to be on the list, there will be a form at the bottom of this article. Please share this list, print it and pin it to your desk, forward it to a friend, and follow everyone on it! It is up to us as fans of the cycling industry to help spread the word about the talent that helps it function.

Heather Carter

Heather Carter is a Race, Event, and Commercial Photographer based in Bellingham, Washington. She was born and raised in Okeechobee, Florida and is Native American, of the Seminole Tribe of Florida (her clan is Bigtown). Leaving her hometown at age 25 was hard, but she knew she had to be somewhere in the mountains. Over the years, she taught herself photography and would take pictures of her friends while they whitewater kayaked in North Carolina. Heather now works primarily within the cycling industry and has been professionally shooting bike action since 2020. She shoots race photography for organizations such as Race Cascadia and the Sturdy Dirty, an all-women’s enduro race in the PNW.

Fast-paced, logistically challenging environments are where Heather thrives. She is an avid mountain biker and can access a lot of wild places that one normally can’t on foot. Carter has dreams of shooting destination races and large-scale events, such as Crankworx, as well as shooting for more big brands in the industry. Her friendly demeanor and background, attention to detail, and passion for the sport make her an outstanding and unique photographer.

Heather’s Website

Amelia Chapman

Amelia is based in Geelong, Victoria, Australia and, over the past six years, mountain bike photography has become the driving force in her life. Her interests in photography began in late high school where she taught herself manual functions after first picking up her mother’s camera. Before long, she had saved up for her own first camera, a Canon 7D mark 2. During this formative time, she developed a fast passion for mountain bike photography and began attending and documenting local races where she experimented with different angles to capture performance.

She went on to accelerate her education by studying photography at Deakin University. Her instructors quickly saw her interest-verging-on-obsession with mountain bike photography and while some encouraged her to explore other disciplines she stayed true to the call.

Most recently, after several prominent placements in cycling publications, Amelia has landed her first front cover on the Australian Mountain Bike magazine! But her journey doesn’t stop here.

After a huge 2022 season, Amelia is preparing for an action-packed season of events for 2023 where she will continue in striving to bring a novel perspective to the industry as she travels to more countries and world class events.

Amelia’s Website

Emily Taylor

Emily is an outdoor action and lifestyle photographer based in the foothills of Colorado. She took up mountain biking in 2017 and became obsessed with the sport, pushing her excitement for shooting photography in the cycling world.

Since then, she’s photographed at Red Bull Rampage, and her client list includes WTB, Wild Rye, Trek, Pivot Cycles and Küat Racks. She loves exploring the balance between joy and strength in the outdoors and helping others feel seen.

Emily’s Website

Susan Theis

Susie Theis is an action sports filmmaker and photographer based in Lake Tahoe, California. Raised by a former collegiate ski racer turned sales rep, one could say skiing is in her blood. From an early age ski racing became a major part of her life and eventually inspired a move to the mountains. With a degree in journalism, her work is story driven and charismatic.

Her understanding of both art and sport has led her to work with olympians, elite climbers, runners and cyclists. Her mountain biking journey began in her early twenties and eventually inspired her to turn her lens to the sport. In 2020 she began working closely with and documenting Kate Courtney’s Olympic journey. Her cycling clients include Red Bull, Scott Sports, Hyperice, SRAM, Ride Concepts, Stio and more.

Susan’s Website

Film work can be found here and here.

Jay Melena

Jay is an outdoor photographer and filmmaker based in Santa Cruz, CA. He learned image-making from his photojournalist dad and continued studying with a photography degree. It wasn’t until working in the bike industry that he discovered that adventure photography could be a full-time career. A committed rider from a young age, his love for cycling became an obsession after moving to Santa Cruz and getting deep into mountain biking and cyclocross.

As a trans photographer, Jay is committed to centering people whose stories have not often been seen in the spotlight. Jay has worked with REI, Giro, Kitsbow, and Specialized among others. Ironically, he raced cyclocross at the elite women’s level prior to transition because there were no other options at the time. He is stoked about the development of non-binary racing categories and the push for inclusion in cycling. Jay is also the parent of a four year old, and splits his time between the coast and Yosemite.

Jay’s Website

Film work can be found here and here.

Re Wikstrom

Re has a decided distaste for stereotypes and dedicates her personal work to a focus on women athletes, their varied skills, quirks, and unique personalities.

After an accidental internship with Bike Magazine (RIP), she was enamored by the creativity and the wider color, mood, and environments represented in bike photography.

Upon earning her BFA in Photography from RIT she moved to Salt Lake City, Utah and has spent the last 19 years getting to know the trails, mountains, and desert sunsets. In the early years, she spent the warm months riding as much as humanly possible without stopping for more than a fun snapshot with friends, but it was only a matter of time before “the big camera” got its time on the bike.

Her decade-plus experience in the editorial world has been a driving influence in her ability to craft and document a story for any kind of project. Her BFA (with a focus in Graphic Design) is also often visually present in her compositions. However, she is a creative problem solver at heart and loves a good creative challenge. She views her work as a catalyst for fostering a social shift in how women athletes are viewed in popular culture, while also striving to mentor the next generation of women photographers. Re has spent 20 years capturing outdoor sports and lifestyle in her photography. In addition to working with clients like Red Bull (with the distinct honor of covering the Red Bull Formation), her work has spanned a wide range of marketing campaigns for diverse brands, including roles as Senior Photographer and Photo Editor for and, respectively. She has now returned her focus full time to independent photography and is excited for new projects and partnerships on the horizon.

Re’s Website

Mokka and Ivy (Monica and Yvonne)

Monica is one part of a team of two female photographers called MOKKA & IVY. She is from Germany and absolutely addicted to mountain biking and skiing. Over the years she has become increasingly involved in the mountain bike scene, first as a downhill racer and, most recently, as an action sports photographer. Her unique skillset perfectly balances those of an active athlete and industry photographer. In 2021, during a mountain bike kids camp, a friend gave her his camera with a friendly nudge to try it out. Since then, she has dedicated her work to capturing mountain biking the way that she would want to be photographed as an athlete. With the belief that a photoset is only a complete when an outsider can understand the whole story, she strives to bring narrative to her work through capturing evocative moments.

As part of the UCI Downhill World Cup, she works closely with her friend and agency colleague Yvonne. Together they are MOKKA & IVY—a distinctive duo. Monica’s work has also been shown during the Crankworx World Tour in Innsbruck ad Whistler.

In addition to elite events and mountain bike shoots, she is also covers weddings, takes on fashion/ detail projects and would like to devote more time to interior design photography because even the inanimate can convey a feeling, you just have to have the eye to see it.

Yvonne’s (“Yvi”) one true love is loves photography. When she holds a camera, she feels complete and like someone has given her superpowers. Being behind the lens brings out her best, whether shooting stills or video, she’s in her zone.

Not far from Leogang, she lives in a house with a spectacular view of the Steinberge but she loves travel adventures—alone or with company. For her, there is nothing better than meeting new people and discovering new places, so long as she has her camera in tow. She loves photographing mountain bikers as much as being on the bike herself. Sports photography is her absolute passion, followed by creatively capturing interior spaces and weddings.

If you’re looking for a fun, laid-back, and sometimes crazy photographer with the right skills, look no further than Yvi. She brings a creative eye, positivity, and laughter to every project.

Mokka & Ivy’s Website

If you’d like to be added to this database, head on over to fill out this form!