Chrome: Niko DSLR Bag


Chrome: Niko DSLR Bag

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A while back, I posted about the Sherman Race Backpack from Chrome and in that post, I mentioned that I wish a bike portage company would make a good DSLR bag capable of fitting the sports photographer / cyclist market. That’s what started my collaboration with ILE on Ultimate Photographer’s Bag. At the time, there weren’t many options for those who wanted a “bike-friendly” DSLR backpack. Today, Chrome introduced the Niko, a DSLR sling bag for around $100. What’s my take on it?

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A few things came to mind when I first saw this. One of which was why would you use the Chrome signature “asshole joke” buckle on a bag that carries expensive camera equipment? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people walk into a bar with their Chrome bag on, only to have their friends press the seat belt buckle and it immediately falls to the ground.

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Kidding aside, the Niko DSLR bag looks like it hits that minimalist market that might be scared off by the Lowepro Photo Sport Sling 100 series. While the Niko isn’t waterproof, it is made with a “Weatherproof 1050 denier nylon outer shell”. The Niko looks like a solid bag for the everyday riding and shooting lifestyle and the pricepoint isn’t too shabby either, which is a result of Chinese fabrication. So what if you want to support a US-made photo sling bag? Check out Chicago Wig’s DSLR sling bag. I’m still at the point where if all I want to take is my DSLR, I’ll drop it into a normal backpack but the Niko might be a good option for a padded cycling-friendly case. I’d still want to see it as a backpack though.

Pick up the Niko online or at each of Chrome’s three retail stores.