Cadence and DVS: Summer / Fall 2011 Preview


Cadence and DVS: Summer / Fall 2011 Preview


Yesterday afternoon a box arrived from DVS. Inside was a pair of sample shoes from the Cadence SF 2011 line. Knowing that it gets hotter than hell here in Texas, I’m glad to have some light-weight and still stiff sneakers to ride in. I’ve been putting in a lot of time in the Keirin pack sneakers and the Rico model seems like the best choice for a summer shoe.

Check out more photos of the Cadence x Rico SF 2011 sneakers below!


These shoes, when compared to the Keirin pack, are stripped down to the essentials. There’s no padding around the heel cup or the tongue and the grey canvas is breathable and durable.


Like the Kierin pack, these are a low-profile and narrow shoe but with a good amount of padding in the sole: perfect for toe clips.


These are about as prison-issue as you can get with their consistent color and minimal silhouette. Expect more info from DVS and Cadence shortly. I’ll letcha know how they hold up. In the meantime, there are more photos on my Flickr.