Burial / Four Tet


Burial / Four Tet

Now, I used to be really into Four Tet when I first moved to NYC. His music kinda hit a soft spot with me. I feel the same way about Burial as well currently. For the most part, the rest of the Dubstep universe also admires Burial’s music regardless of the cloak of anonymity he wore during his first two LPs.

Recently he came out to the world and revealed his identity. Now the young 4×4 / Dubstep / Garage producer has teamed up with Kieren Hebden, aka Four Tet on a 12″ that lacks any cover art, information or track listings. So far 2 tracks have been floating around. Check them out below. As far as I’m concerned, Wolf Club is the weaker of the two.

Burial/Four Tet: “Moth”

The less-successful track, Wolf Club seems to collide the two artist’s styles together like a mash-up rather than allowing each of their influences to create a new sound.

Burial/Four Tet: “Wolf Club”

Grab the EP here

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