Black Friday Savings


Black Friday Savings

Each year, I try to share the wealth of savings of Black Friday sales. As always, support your local bike shop first and foremost. Local businesses thrive on holiday sales. In fact, many businesses make enough money during the holidays to help them stay open year round. SO SHOP LOCAL!

Now to completely contradict all that, here are a few online sales and events happening on Black Friday. If you’re throwing a race, post it up in the comments and I’ll add it to the post. Just make sure the flier is at least 655 pixels wide!

Cedar Cycling

RE Load

Ben’s Cycle


Actual Pain

City Grounds

Seagull Bags



iMinus D

The Heavy Pedal

Velo City Bags



“30% off everything on YNOT’s site. The sale runs wednesday the 21st to the 25th, 2012. Use promo code: BLACK2012 at checkout. Promotional images are attached.”

State Bicycle Co

Wolf Drawn