Billboard Housing


Billboard Housing


Because people asked for it…


There are more images than these two, including process images, models and drawings but this is all I have at the moment to upload. The overall premise for the project was to reuse billboard structures to accept student housing modules. These modules would line the electric light rail in low-density cities like Charlotte, NC and other cities who realized that light rail trains are the answer for mass-transit.

In major cities with elevated trains, like Chicago and NYC, billboards line the tracks, offering prime advertising spaces. Most of the structures in dense cities are above existing structures. In cities of suburban America, there isn’t the infrastructural density, so most urban planners align public transit in dead zones.


These housing modules would line the low-density rail, adjacent to the new “university” and students would be able to lease-out advertisement spaces, while living there, subsidizing their housing costs.

It’s a far-fetched idea, but the notion was that the modules would then begin to infill within the urban fabric…

I completed this project in 2003. It also included a complex pattern language for the overall infill within an urban area. I’ll have to spend some time pulling everything else together. The renderings are really dated too…