Beautiful Bicycle: Andy’s Llewellyn MAX Road


Beautiful Bicycle: Andy’s Llewellyn MAX Road


The last time we saw this bike featured here on the blog, it was set up as a fixed conversion. At the time, I wasn’t really feeling it (sorry dude!) because I knew this Columbus MAX beast needed some Campy 7 speed love. When Andy rolled up on this Llewellyn MAX road bike yesterday, I was blown away at the detailing. MAX is my favorite tubeset that’s ever come out of the Columbus factory and seeing an Aussie builder master it in the form of an elegant road bike was quite the treat.

Check out more photos of Andy’s Llewellyn MAX road bike below!


The bi-oval top tube’s intersect at the seat tube cluster is by no means an easy detail to handle and yet, it looks effortless here.


Here’s the top tube’s resolution at the front end.


And the infamous flush fork crown rests below the downtube cluster on the head tube. Gorgeous!


Those deep and stiff MAX chainstays support the Campy 8 speed derailleur and some gorgeous Campy wheels (that Andy nearly trashed trying to hop a curb).


Dan at Shifterbikes knows how to tune in Delta’s and Andy’s taking full advantage of that by riding them on the street.


With white bike ribbon, white hoods and cable housing, this Llewellyn is always turning heads. But mostly because Andy rides like a gentleman.




Too nice huh? Check out some more detail photos on my Flickr!