Baroness – The Blue Record


Baroness – The Blue Record

If you’re a fan of Floor (Torche’s precursor), older 90’s rock like Soundgarden and Helmet or older acts that are still kicking like Kylesa, then you’ll really enjoy BaronessBlue Record. Baroness isn’t just influenced by more modern acts, hell, there’s even some Sabbath and Zeppelin influence in there. This is an all around rock album, not easily classified by any other sub-genre. Just really good rock.

The Dirty South has many great bands floating around, particularly in Georgia. Zoroaster, aforementioned Kylesa and yes, Mastodon (whom I could care less about) have put GA on the map for progressive metal. Baroness’ steady ride to epic rockness has been escalating over the years. First with their EPs and splits, then with their Red Album and now with their Blue Record, the band has matured and learned how to craft a great rock album. Definitely pick it up.

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