Ask Prolly: Do Any Shops Rent Out Bikes in NYC?


Ask Prolly: Do Any Shops Rent Out Bikes in NYC?


One of the most common questions I get is about bike rentals in NYC. More specifically, fixed and single-speed rentals. A recent slew of emails crossed my inbox last week asking this question:

“Prolly, I’m coming to NYC in a few weeks and can’t afford to bring my bike. Do any shops rent out track bikes or single speeds?”

The short answer is “yes!” I know of one shop that does and that’s Chari & Co. Their current offerings are a small Swobo Sanchez with a basket and a brake, a single speed, coaster brake Swobo with 26″ wheels and other bikes at request… all for $8 / day. Then for the big spenders who want to do some serious road rides, they also have a Lemond Ti road bike with full Ultegra for $75 / day. All you need is a credit card and matching ID. For more details, contact the shop.

Other shops that rent bikes (not fixed or SS though):

Gotham Bikes
New York’s Waterfront Bike Shop
City Bicycles
Manhattan Velo‎
NYC Bikes
Pedal Pusher Bike Shop
Hudson Urban Bicycles

Of course, you could always go with one of the 100 shady bike rental spots in Central Park