As You May Have Heard


As You May Have Heard

My Geekhouse Woodville Touring bike was stolen off my porch yesterday, early afternoon. I sat it by the front door, went inside to fill up a water bottle and by the time I went back out the front door, it was gone. Someone walked up and rode off with it, in broad daylight, on our super quiet residential street. None of my neighbors saw anything and in a panic, I went all over looking for it, turning up nothing.

It’s still missing and I am devastated. I’ve put more miles on this bike than any other and it was my daily rider.

I talked to a guy who saw “a homeless man spray painting a big purple bike” in the neighborhood literally 30 minutes after it was stolen. If you’re in Austin, PLEASE keep an eye out for it. It was stolen on the East Side and the man who took it most likely painted the frame black. Other notes: it has those Resist Nomad tires on it but other than that, the build is exactly as shown here.

If you see it, or have any information, please email me. If you can get it from the guy, take it to a bike shop and send me an email. There is a reward if found.