Amanda’s Arizona Trail 27.5 Falconer Touring Bike

Problem-solving and developing solutions for their customers is one of many jobs that a framebuilder faces when building a custom frame. It’s often said that how well a builder designs a smaller-sized bike that their true talents are revealed and in this case, Amanda’s Falconer is a shining example of Cameron Falconer’s capabilities.

Amanda is currently touring the Arizona Trail, or she might have finished it by now, yet the bread crumbs left on her Instagram is speaking of the experience in the past tense. From portaging her bike down into the Grand Canyon, to pushwacking through Buckthorn and Manzanita, her tour looks to have been quite the challenge. See her whole story at Dirt and Champagne.

Before all that, I caught up with her in Quincy, the home base for Cameron Falconer the maker of this bike, and shot it in all its tiny glory. 27.5 x 2.6″ tires, Outer Shell bags, a dropper post, and a neat custom rack has this bike looking quite mean for its small stature.

Post-AZT adventure, Amanda plans to race SSAZ on this beaut and travel throughout the South West this winter. If you see her out there, give her a high five!