Alpe d’Huez Brooks Saddle


Alpe d’Huez Brooks Saddle

I don’t usually get into the whole custom saddle thing. Mostly because I tend to ruin saddles all the time and why spend a lot of money on some “limited” art piece only to trash it in a few months?

I will however say the design intent behind these custom Brooks saddles is really nice. If you watch the Tour every year, then you’ve obviously heard of The Alpe d’Huez. It’s been a stage finish of the tour since ’76. Back when the tour was ridden on steel bikes and no one even knew what carbon fiber was, the racers were all riding Brooks saddles.

Now that time has passed, but Brooks commemorates those racers by collaborating with a wallpaper artist. Dan Funderburgh is an artist from Brooklyn and he used the topography map from the Alpe d’Huez for the design. Dan loves bicycles and I’m sure he was stoked to have Brooks approach him.