Aloha Fixed and Stussy


Aloha Fixed and Stussy


Yep, it’s vacation and that means walking around being a tourist. Today Lauren and I went by Stussy Honolulu to see Ryan from Aloha Fixed. It’s strange only now meeting someone after years of internet correspondence and random banter on Twitter. Ryan’s been an active role in the fixed and skateboarding scene here in Honolulu and it was great seeing him and kicking around the shop.

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Outside Stussy is the old IBM building with this killer fenestration!


Ryan chatted with us for a bit before it got slammed with dudes buying clothes.




Killer bike, killer shop and a solid staff. Thanks for chatting with us Ryan, see ya later tonight homie! Check out more at my Flickr!

Stussy Honolulu Chapter
1288 Ala Moana Blvd Suite 106
Honolulu, HI 96814

tel 808-591-6546
fax 808-591-6547

Sunday 11:00-6:00
Monday 11:00-7:00
Tuesday 11:00-7:00
Wednesday 11:00-7:00
Thursday 11:00-7:00
Friday 11:00-8:00
Saturday 11:00-8:00