All-City: Mr. Pink Road Bike Update


All-City: Mr. Pink Road Bike Update


This is looking great!

“The Mr. Pink has been a long time coming as it was always our wish to do a road bike at some point, but we knew that we needed to get the brand going and established before we blew everybody’s mind by being a stupid fixed gear company with the best road bike on the market. The idea behind this bike is that no one out there is doing a high end steel frameset anymore. Oh, you can still get a full steel frameset but chances are the tubing is nothing special, and you can still get an 853 frame but it comes with a carbon fork and that has never sat right with us.

In our minds when you buy a nice steel road frame you’re saying “I’ve got that road bike thing taken care of for the next 15 years.” Why would you buy a forever frame that comes with a fork with an expiration date of 5 years? It’s bullshit. The proper way to do it is to make a beautiful steel frame with a matching fork, and if you’re concerned about weight make the fork swappable with all of the aftermarket carbon forks out there. So we did it. Voila, the Mr. Pink.”

I like the hidden fender mounts. All it needs is a rack mount to make it a perfect, multi-use road bike. Check out more at All-City!