All-City: Def Star Sprockets in Stock


All-City: Def Star Sprockets in Stock

I showed you this sprocket in February of 2011 and it’s finally seen the light of day. While I’ll always support TREE, the originators of the splined sprocket, these All-City Def Stars are looking damn fine and at $65, no one can complain. Here’s the scoop:

“Our big twist is the clocked splines which allow for weight savings, while still maintaining exceptional strength.  A cutout on one side, means a spline on the other and vice versa. In addition, rather than the standard 6mm thickness, the Def Star is 8mm thick.

Basically it was made to handle whatever you can throw at it and still only weighs in at 147g for the 33t version.

We’ve been working on the design for over two years, and it’s telling that all of our original proto’s are still being ridden today.  We believe that this is definitely the best sprocket on the market and invite you to check it out.

P.S. Yes we have a 28t version on the way.”

Pick one up at your LBS and check out more at All-City.