Affinity Cycles: 144bcd Track Cranks


Affinity Cycles: 144bcd Track Cranks


You guys all know how I feel about SRAM Omnium cranks right? Yes, “SRAM makes baller shit”. When I first got my KHS Aero Track (tired of hearing about this yet?), I had 170mm Omniums on it. I was in love except that in order to keep the spider from hitting the chainstays, I had to put a 1/8″ spacer against the bottom bracket shell. The non-drive arm didn’t like that too much and it kept loosening up. Eventually, I took it into Affinity and haggled with Jason for a pair of his 144bcd track cranks.

While it’s easy to click on a Taiwanese catalog and hit “order”, Jason wanted to do some extra machining to the cranks to make them a little more unique.

Check out more photos below.


He thinned the arms up, adding an aero bridge to them, similar to the 3ttt track and road stems.


He then designed a machined surface to the spider.


The end product is a pretty good option for an affordable track crank that still supports a 144bcd chainring. Not bad. I’ve been riding them for a few days with no qualms. Expect to see these in the spring.