Actual Pain Presents: Blessure Grave


Actual Pain Presents: Blessure Grave

TJ just sent this over. I know what I’m listening to this weekend! From Actual Pain:

Several weeks ago I was in a record store in San Diego on tour with my band and my friend Nick who works there was playing this amazing old sounding goth band, who as it turns out was not old but new and actually from San Diego called Blessure Grave. I picked up one of their LPs and got a copy of their newest demo to listen to on the rest of our trip. Randomly a few weeks later, I contacted them about this mixtape I’ve wanted to do for a while now, and they literally had it done _that evening_. That’s not to say that the mix lacks substance (it’s an hour and twenty minutes) or quality, I think it says that these guys are very serious about the art, and is about to leave a legacy that spreads faster than the plague.

1. Siouxsie & The Banshees – “Sin in My Heart”
2. Play Dead – “Pleasureland”
3. Agrimensor K – “Principio Y Fin”
4. Sol Invictus – “Raven Chorus”
5. Theatre of Hate – “The Hop”
6. Spizz Energi – “Mega City 3”
7. Fur Bible – “Headbolt”
8. Above the Ruins – “Song of the Wolf”
9. Wire – “On Returning”
10. UK Decay – “Mayday Malady”
11. Paralisis Permanente – “Quiero Ser Santa”
12. Death in June – “To Drown A Rose”
13. Brave New World – “Barriers”
14. Artery – “Afterwards”
15. Crisis – “Afraid”
16. The Cultural Decay – “Brave New World”
17. The Gun Club – “The Stranger in our Town”
18. Six Minute War – “Weatherman”
19. Christian Death – “Electra Descending”
20. No More – “Suicide Commando”
21. Screamers – “Need A Head-On”
22. Ministry – “I’m Falling” (Alternate Mix)

Link to the mixtape