Actual Pain Mixtape for Chronic Youth


Actual Pain Mixtape for Chronic Youth

I’m 5 minutes into this mixtape Actual Pain ( @ActualPain ) did for Chronic Youth and I gotta say, it’s really fucking good! TJ, the guy who runs Actual Pain is also in two legit bands; Book of Black Earth and King Dude. You’d be surprised to see the contrast in his two acts, so be sure to check out their Myspace pages.

Enough of the background, go check out the info at Chronic Youth and download this tape for free here.

Track listing is below in case you wanna know what you’re in for.

This Mortal Coil – Kangaroo
Legendary Pink Dots – The Tower 1
Of the Wand and the Moon: – Hail Hail Hail II
Bathory – Man of Iron
Goblin – Black Forest
The Kinks – Two Sisters
Nico – All That is my Own
Death in June – Runes and Men
The Devil’s Blood – Come Reap
Son House – John The Revelator
Sparks – Reinforcements
Julee Cruise – The World Spins

It’s not at all what you’d expect and that’s what makes it such a great mix.