Abus’ New 410 Ultra Lock Lineup


Abus’ New 410 Ultra Lock Lineup


I love Abus‘ locks and it appears their new 410 Ultra products have rounded out the 400 lineup…

“This attractive and easy to use lock fills the gap in ABUS entry level u-lock security at an incredibly pocket-friendly price point and shines by offering an complete collection of locks: the mini; mini with cobra cable; long shackly mini; long shackly mini-u with cobra cable; standard size, standard with cobra cable; and a long shackly version.”

Check out more information below and head to your local shop to order.


The new 410 Ultra line up is packed with technology and high quality materials that make it an unbelievable value in bicycle security:

•Unique state of the art 12mm Solid Secure Silver rated, round shackly
•Security Level 8
•Innovative new 6-wafer key cylinder – provides high level of protection against picking
•Hardened lock body
•Ergonomic round lock body
•Double bolting shackle – protects against cutting and twisting attacks
•Simple to use, rattle-free SH34 bracket (fits 24-35mm frames)

410 Ultra Mini (5.5”): $34.99
410 Ultra Mini with Cobra Cable (5.5”): $42.99
410 Ultra Mini LS (7”): $39.99
410 Ultra Mini LS (7”) with Cobra Cable: $44.99
410 Ultra (9”)” $44.99
410 Ultra (9”) w Cobra Cable: $49.99
410 Ultra LS (11”): $49.99