A Small Note on Photographers


A Small Note on Photographers

Photograph by Jesse Johnston

A recent comment by Jesse Johnston on the Leader Contest post prompted this.

I’ve noticed it happening a lot and I want to take this opportunity to comment. Some of my best friends are photographers. They never hesitate to provide me with content and document our riding. Like most people in the creative field, they’re struggling to get recognition in a sea of competition and in this economy, it’s tough to make ends meet. No one likes to work for free, but exposure is better than nothing. Which brings me to my point. When you link or post a photo, whether it’s on Flickr or on a website, you should always credit the photographer and link their website if you know it. Even if you can’t pay them, this exposure will eventually bring them a paying job. There is no reason why Jesse shouldn’t be credited in this photo. Especially if it’s being used for promotion of a product.

Remember, support your community, don’t trash it. Respect your photographers because if they don’t document this movement, who will?

Jesse, much respect man. I love your work. Keep it up.