A Look at the Cult Vans Brasco Sneakers


A Look at the Cult Vans Brasco Sneakers


I swore off Vans a long time ago for riding fixed freestyle but that doesn’t mean I don’t like wearing them all together. I just like more padding in the sole of my shoes. So when Cult announced their collaboration with Vans earlier this year, I was stoked to see their grips and sneakers would be a readily-available collaboration, not some limited edition collection only a few people could get their hands on. Last week I picked up a pair of the Cult Brasco Vans from Empire and I thought I’d share some photos with you.

Check out more below, including a look at the Empire-exclusive Cult zine!

These are also on my Flickr.

If you buy a pair of these through Empire, you get a free copy of the Cult zine. It’s printed and hand bound right here in Austin Texas and documents Cults trip through California. Zines, like Vans, never get old!

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A Look at the Cult x Vans Sneakers