A Day in 10 Photos: 12.28.2010


A Day in 10 Photos: 12.28.2010


When I posted about Two-Wheeler Dealer last week, Jim, the owner shot me an email inviting me to come take photos of some of his bikes. I knew exactly which bike to photograph.

Check out nine more photos below.


This bike was hand made in Wilmington, North Carolina many years ago. And while this is only a teaser, you can expect a bigger post tomorrow.


After I shot photos of the mystery bike, this Kestrel walked in the front door.


Sitting in the work-stand, in all its glory, it was easy to appreciate the wicked paint job and the hand-crafted nature of this Brent Trimble-made Kestrel.


One of the employees at Two-Wheeler showed me his cracked Super Corsa. I told him to send it over to the folks at Bilenky for a repair and repaint!


From there, I headed to the Oakdale Cemetery to look for a mysterious grave marker.


I knew what I was looking for, but had no idea where to find it so I spent an hour searching through Oakdale in the late winter sun.


With the light fading, I knew I had to hurry. I didn’t have time to come back tomorrow.


Since the office had closed, I had to pick each lot and examine the headstones, looking for a familiar symbol.


I finally found it. What is the significance of this grave marker? Come back tomorrow to find out!