A Day in 10 Photos: 09.06.2010


A Day in 10 Photos: 09.06.2010


Labor Day signifies the “end of Summer” even though we still have a few weeks left. Cut-offs and tanks are exchanged for sweatshirts and hoodies. Out with the thrash metal and in with the stoner doom. Pristine summer bikes are hung up and all-purpose bikes come out. My Labor Day was spent riding, shooting photos, drinking and hanging with friends. In no particular order!

Check out nine more photos below!


Speaking of super-clean summer bikes. What have we here? More on that later!


After running errands, I headed over to Unemployed Lloyd’s Labor Day Bash. Sound familar? That’s because we already saw what went down at his Memorial Day Bash BBQ.


Just like last time, there were a dozen DJ’s on rotation. They spin real vinyl here in the BK. None of that iPod shit. House all day!


People were chillen out, drinking, eating and enjoying the weather. Sup Wurst?


“Oh you have to take a piss?” “Climb up the fire escape.”


“Oh you have a boo-boo?” “use a sushi band-aid.”


“Oh you want a bike?” “Here, try this on for size.”


No comment!


As the night began to fall, I headed home to north Brooklyn and decided to stop and take a photo of the gorgeous East River. After I took out my camera, a security guard stopped me and told me that I couldn’t do that. Come on? For real?

I hope your Labor Day was as relaxing as mine! Check out more photos here on my Flickr!