A Day in 10 Photos: 08.15.2010


A Day in 10 Photos: 08.15.2010

Since I no longer work in the city and my daily interaction with the avenues and cross-streets are usually confined to returning from Central Park laps, I rarely go over the bridge to hang out. With the weather cooling down, I decided to make the Sunday trek across the bridge and see some friends. First up was Rapha’s Cycling Club for a coffee and to shoot Cassidy‘s tattoo. Pretty good right?

Check out more photos below.

Chris King and Stumptown, Rapha’s got the coffee game on lock…

After getting my fix, I rolled by NYC Velo to see how they’re ramping up for cross season. If you ride a 54cm frame and you’re looking for a great bike, check out this Geekhouse team cross bike. Complete with SRAM Rival for $2,000. Great deal!

Riding through the streets of NoLiTa can be chaotic in the summer. Broome is always backed up clear across the island and pedestrians won’t hesitate to step out in front of you without looking. Choose your lines carefully or choose another artery.

So, I thought Chrome NYC was officially opening at the end of the month and while that’s true, the store had a soft opening last week. They’re open for business and busier than ever.

The space is looking nice with a conveyor belt bringing their bags to their customers.

One thing that caught me by surprise was this huge poster of Cards above the cashwrap. All hail Cardiel!

The store is equipped with all of Chrome’s soft and hard goods, including their popular sneakers.

Architectural integrations in NYC storefronts are unprecedented. Why hide the infrastructure when you can embrace and expose it?

While there, a customer showed me his Gangsta track. The last of a dying breed! Especially with the once-coveted OG fork!

As soon as I left, the sky opened and I rode home in the cool, end of summer rain. The weather was pristine and I was on my way back to Brooklyn. I snapped a few more photos today, which you can see here.