A Day in 10 Photos: 08.10.2010


A Day in 10 Photos: 08.10.2010

Yes, today was an awesome day. The weather was hot and humid and that meant one thing: mid-day bike rides in Central Park. Putting on the Peal Izumi and filling up the water bottles with all ice is the best remedy for the heat. So I left my apartment after fighting with Verizon and headed into Central Park via the 59th St. Bridge.

Check out more photos below!

Riding around with my Canon G10 in my jersey pocket I often forget to take photos of the ridiculousness I encounter. Like the dude doing laps on a mountain bike with a Ball Python wrapped on his bars (face palm for missing that). Instead, my architecture background takes over and I pause at moments where interventions into less-than-ideal sites reveal beauty.

To think that in architecture school, I remembered this building because of the footprint is laughable. Since I’ve lived here, the Flat Iron building has become a staple in my “top 10” buildings list.

From there, I’m reminded of the shear scale of the city as it’s own modern microcosm. Something no other city on the face of the planet can compare to. Catching an avenue from uptown to downtown is like dropping into a bowl or a half-pipe for the first time; so exhilarating.

Many refer to this as the “crashed spaceship”. I refer to it as the most significant architectural integration into the grid since the Chrysler Building. Thom Mayne is a god. A living legend. His architecture has always been something I admire and the new Cooper Union building is magestic.

From the signage…

To the fenestration, nothing is typical.

Tired of the architecture talk yet? As I was heading home I got the craving for a beverage. Knowing the Rapha Cycling Club was on my route hom, I swung through where I caught this bike pile. While not as epic as ours, it’s still impressive.

Charcoal sketches were hanging in the gallery space.

And as always, the coffee shop was there to deliver.

Depending on how buzzed I get tonight, I’m plannin on meeting up at the Rapha Cycling Club to ride to Piermont tomororow. Be there at 8am to depart at 8:30. It’s about a 4-hour round trip, so plan accordingly!

Many thanks to Verizon for fucking up my internet today so that I could put in some miles on the road bike!