A Day in 10 Photos 07.04.2010


A Day in 10 Photos 07.04.2010

Like most (if not all) of Americuhhhhh yesterday, I celebrated the 4th of July the best way I knew how: with friends. A crew of us went over to the Mishka party at the Water Taxi Beach in Queens for their “Red, White & Brews” party. The day was filled with pale bodies, patriotism and tattoos.

Check out more photos below.

Girls and tattoos.

Boys with tattoos.

… and shiny shoes?

Ms. Jenn from the Bicycle Film Festival took a break from her busy schedule to come hang.

Somehow Texas keeps popping up everywhere!

Ea$e DaMan was eating the sangria fruit getting ready for Ninjasonik and the Death Set to tear it up!

And the Death Set tore it up!

Towards the end of the night, the beach balls were deflated and everyone was zonked! No further photo documentation exists because I put the camera down and lifted up some brews to the great U S of A.

Big ups to the Mishka NYC crew and all who attended and entertained! Check out some more photos on my Flickr.