A Day in 10 Photos 06.22.2010


A Day in 10 Photos 06.22.2010

There are few things that get me stoked like a gorgeous track bike. This Guerciotti is parked at Continuum Cycles just waiting to be ridden. Someone get on that! After everyone left this week, I was going through Texas withdrawals on Tuesday and the only thing that kept me calm was riding around my city.

Check out more photos below.

I met with Jacopo from Dodici at the Mishka warehouse to discuss future projects.

… and then headed over to the Outlier offices to catch up with the guys. Abe was wearing his Ultralight pants.

Here’s Rachel. She’ll probably kill me for posting this photo, but she’s the one who ships our your orders!

This look familiar?

Later, we headed into the city to catch up on the progress of the Rapha store on Bowery. Here’s the Citroen HVan parked in place.

… and a sneak peek at the space. Empty!

With a July 3rd opening approaching, the guys are there manning the shop and taking in deliveries.

After I took photos of Maurice’s Marinoni, we headed to Atlas for some lunch.

… and then over to Continuum Cycles. Here’s another shot of the Guerc pista. Really pretty bike. Now that my life is settling back after the shitshow of the NYC BFF, I’m appreciating the little things in life.