45NRTH’s STURMFIST Gloves Use Aerogel Insulation


45NRTH’s STURMFIST Gloves Use Aerogel Insulation


One of the lightest insulators on Earth, Aerogel has made its way into one of the most practical uses for cyclists: gloves. 45NRTH’s new STURMFIST models utilize this technology that was first formed in the 1930s by Dr. Samuel Stephens Kistler, an American chemist.

It’s taken almost 50 years for companies to adopt this insulation to warm weather clothing and what better piece of clothing to insulate than gloves for cold-weather riding. The very material that was used by NASA will keep your digits warm.


New to the 45NRTH lineup are the STURMFIST 4 glove, for temperatures below 15 degrees and the STURMFIST 5, for temperatures above 15 degrees.