3 Rensho Beef


3 Rensho Beef

Photo by Brenton Salo

I didn’t have internet the whole day, just my iPhone, so there’s a huge back log of content I wanted to post, including this; one of those classic internet moments. First, Brad from Locked Cog posted a picture of Shigeo‘s bike and said “It pains me to see this beautiful killed like this. Sorry to whoever rides this but, you suck.”

It was one of those moments where I was just kinda like “meh”. No need to blast someone for their build, but whatever. I knew Shigeo had other bikes too and this pursuit was clearly a novelty ride.

The drama continues below…

Photo by Zach Hoffer

Within moments, Zlog posted up a link to a picture of Shigeo’s other 3Rensho and called Brad out.

Eventually Kris from Locked Cog posted a follow-up post. LuLz.

Thanks internet!