Skratch Labs… Cookie Mix?! Jan 19, 2015


Anytime a package arrives from Skratch Labs, I have no idea what to expect. More often than not, it’s a packet of hydration mix, but when this box arrived last week, I’ve got to admit, I was scratching my head. Cookie mix? But I thought sweets were bad? Well, not really, in fact, there’s a whole piece on the Skratch website as to why it’s ok to eat cookies.

Now, with any product like this, there are sure to be naysayers and commentators, requesting information as to why Skratch’s $8.50 cookie mix is better than Pillsbury’s. Well, for one, I’m going to say Skratch knows a thing or two about nutrition. The ingredients are as healthy as you can get with a cookie mix but the addition I noted after eating one was the salt.

The guys at Skratch love salt and with good reason. As a cyclist, your body needs salt to help keep itself hydrated and while it’s easy enough to add salt to your own cookie mix, I found this mix to be a pretty great novelty gift for a cyclist. The mix is easy, simply add whatever you want to it, along with butter and an egg and bake it as a cookie, or as a fruit bar. Is it gimmicky? Sure. But, I can’t remember the last time I baked cookies…

Check out all the information you’d wanna know at Skratch Labs!

  • mywynne

    Next, Skratch-approved donuts please!

    • stateofnonreturn

      Who said donuts need approval?!

      • mywynne

        If a “professional” says it’s OK, I don’t have to work as hard to justify it ;)

  • Scott Brown

    First the Seahawks win, and now this? Things just keep getting better.

  • charlesojones

    When is Skratch going to start making bacon?
    That would really Skratch my itch.