Pedal ED: Mido Riding Boots Dec 18, 2014


Out of all of the Pedal ED products, the Mido Riding Boots are my favorite and what’s not to love about them? Made in Italy, by hand, these boots offer a weather-resistant exterior with a Vibram sole, perfect for gripping pedals and even icy sidewalks. While they don’t have any clipless capabilities, they make for great winter commuter boots.

And, they look damn sharp!

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  • Gabriel DeFelippis

    Been riding with winter boots and flat pedals. Its a good alternative to purchasing winter-specific cycling boots.

  • Jay

    What makes these not just “boots?”

    • Adam Herstein


    • They’re lighter weight than normal hiking boots. That’s about it, save for some reflective accents.

  • Adam Herstein

    Fuck, for that price I’ll just buy a pair of Danners.

    • These are much, much lighter than Danners.

      • cork grips

        for what it’s worth not all of the danner boots i have owened are of a consistent weight. some are REAL heavy but my mountain trail’s are pretty light- i think has a lot to do with the vibram gumlite sole.

        • Yeah, I have a few, various weights but these are different. Unfortunately, their product shots don’t really show it.

    • PabloP

      … for that price I’d buy a pair of regular hiking boots … and a car with the leftover money. What a joke.

  • Wanhala

    Vasque Sun Downer that’s pedal friendly. I will take it.

  • Loagz

    Doesn’t look like they’ll ship to the US :/