SSCY Tack Sling Bag Oct 23, 2014


I’ve been using the normal SSCY Tack bag for a day pack during cross races and MTB rides where I have to drive to the trail. Its large size makes it easy to drop helmets, shoes and kits into the main compartment and the smaller pockets hold tools, snacks and other misc items.

What’s best about the Tack is it transforms from a tote to a backpack with just two clamps… I’ll elaborate more when I actually review mine. For now, let’s check out the new Tack Sling Bag.

All the versatility of the Tack, but now, in a sling form, allowing you to strap packages, boxes and yes, wheels to the pack. All of this, made in NYC.

See more at SSCY.

  • mat Terwilliger

    100% AWESOME.Everything these guys make it top notch.Support!

  • m_lincoln

    can I flip it upside down and use it as panniers?

  • Really like the look of the original Tack. Looking forward to your review!

  • dog D

    still waiting for your review