Silca’s Fun EOLO III CO2 Chuck Oct 30, 2014


While a $400 floor pump is more than likely out of your budget, Silca’s $47.50 EOLO III co2 chuck probably lands within your holiday shopping budget. The EOLO III regulator chuck is made in the USA and has three rubber insulator rings ensure damp fingers don’t get stuck while zapping your tubeless tires back to pressure. These rings can be swapped out, using Silca’s $6 pack of multi colored options.

As far as the chuck itself is concerned, it’s damn easy to use and nicely machined.

My only complaint, there are no black insulating rings and while I still think Co2 canisters are extremely wasteful for everyday use, they’re still a necessity for tubeless tires. Overall, the EOLO III is a fun, simple, product that’s easy to use and customizable. Most importantly to me, it’s made in the USA.

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  • barry mcwilliams

    I’m getting my first tubeless whip in just a few weeks – a Stinner CX that I’m so, so excited about.

    I’ve been wondering what I should be carrying in terms of flat repair as this won’t be a pure race bike. Lots of SoCal fire roads, some overnighters, etc. Looks like a couple of these are just what I need.

    Thanks for the heads-up.

    • Also, try to get one of the Panaracer tubeless kits. They’re great! Kind of like threading spare rubber into any hole you might get.

      • barry mcwilliams

        Nice! Thanks for the tip. I’ll have a chat w the gang @ GSC about getting some ordered.


  • Danny B

    Don’t quite get why co2 is a necessity for tubeless – especially seen as co2 kills sealant. Never had an issue seating TL tyres with my $60 Serfas floor pump.

    • You gonna carry a floor pump with you out on the trails?

      • Danny B

        No flats in 4 years of riding tubeless and I take a tube for when that eventually happens. co2 is for roadies.

        • I’d rather just zap it and roll on. But we have a lot of thorns and sharp rocks here. Especially this time of year, with all the Jerusalem-Thorn trees shedding their 1″ thorns. By the time I pull out the thorn, the tire is flat. I hit it with a pump, nada. One co2 and it’s good to go.

          Again, I’m not forcing you to use a co2, just giving perspective.