Race Dots: Ditch those Pins Oct 3, 2014

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Here’s a simple, yet functional (and customizable) product. I definitely have a few jerseys with holes and rust stains from pinning numbers and Race Dots avoid that with a magnetic retention system. See more at Race Dots.

  • thebennonite


  • Sean Talkington

    “Dude those look way heavier than a safety pin”- Roadies

  • D0rk

    Picked these up off Kickstarter over the summer, and just started using them during cross season. Be warned, if your jersey isn’t pretty tight fitting, they have the chance to stick to each other if your jersey rides up and make the bib number completely unreadable. Had an official last weekend yell at me for it when it happened. Shouldn’t be a problem if you rock a skinsuit. Otherwise, I love them for not putting holes in my good jerseys anymore.

  • Mine are still sitting with customs in the UK as the import duty was $35. I’m sure it’s a great product and I got mine at the start of the kickstarter project but way too expensive to bring to the UK. I wish the guys good luck with it all though.