Giro’s Empire VR90 MTB Shoe Blends Comfort and Style Sep 17, 2014

Giro's Empire VR90 MTB Shoe

I really love my limited edition Giro Empire MTB shoes, but like all of my current shoes, when compared to the Vibram Terraduros, I wish they had more grip for walking over slippery rocks and loose roots.

Giro’s really going for it with the Vibram soles on their forthcoming shoe line and included in the bunch are the new Empire VR90 shoes. Shown here in a limited edition blaze orange.

I’ve been putting in some trail time with these and all I can really say is so far, so good. See a few more photos and more words below.

Giro's Empire VR90 MTB Shoe

The bottom, showing the full Vibram and Easton EC90 Carbon Fiber integration.

Giro's Empire VR90 MTB Shoe

Front of the bottom, with optional placement for cleats.

Giro's Empire VR90 MTB Shoe

… and rear at the heel.

Giro's Empire VR90 MTB Shoe

The biggest improvement to these shoes is the toe box. My limited edition camo Empires came unglued last summer, so I used two-ton epoxy to re-attach the soles. Since then, they’ve been good to go. Giro’s addressed those issues with a more secure sole integration.

Time will tell whether or not they’ll hold up as well as the Privateers, but I can already notice a difference.

Giro's Empire VR90 MTB Shoe

With laces, they’ve got to be secure and the lace loops do just that.

Giro's Empire VR90 MTB Shoe

Padding at the heel and Vibram’s slip-reducing sole make these one solid choice for mountain, cross and commuter bikes. While I love the orange, I can’t wait to get a pair of the black ones for a less flashy ride.

Giro's Empire VR90 MTB Shoe

These shoes will be at select Giro dealers. Follow their Facebook for updates.

Keep at it, Giro. I’m always anxious to see what’s next!

  • Samuel Lopez

    Glad to hear they fixed the sole separation issue. My VR90s should be in the mail any day now.

  • shapethings

    if anyone from Giro is reading this, they need to release the blaze orange colorway to the public…

    • brennan

      It is due to release at limited dealers. It will be difficult to find a dealer who went in on the deal I’m sure – in Colorado they had a handful of dealers picked out, but I’m pretty sure none of them committed. They might open the limited orange up through their commercial site at some point I hope. The first Friday gig they had going was pretty sweet.

  • odenator

    Any word yet on when we’re going to see the full release?

  • James Scriven

    They keep giving journos (and athletes) these sweet unavailable products to the masses. I get the hype part, and understand mild and wild – but cmon kill the silver keep the blaze!

  • Scott Karoly

    These look great – I’ve been riding S-Works XC shoes and while they’re more than plenty stiff, they sure suck to walk in. Especially on a trail.

  • Andy Brown

    Looks like week of 11/24 they will be hitting the stores…

  • Andy Brown

    Yo John! How is the fit on these do they run true to size? Or can you compare them to a Specialized or Bontrager sizing? Thanks.

  • kt

    Just ordered a pair, thank you John for your input! The move from stitching to mold in the toe box was what did it for me, a few race seasons with my Gauges have rendered them totally shredded.