Firefly Bicycles: Blank Slate Aug 30, 2014


I love photos like this. Especially when it’s a Firefly. I wonder what this one will build up like? See more at the Firefly Flickr!

  • AidanNW

    The frame, stem and fenders are beautiful; but the traditional raked fork just looks wrong. I’m not sure why I don’t like curved steel forks, since I love pretty much everything about steel and traditional frames.

    Maybe it’s because it looks as if the forks are broken – as in bent by accident. Perhaps its the large frame tubes and tiny fork tubes that throw me off.

    Either way, carbon forks (Easton, Whiskey, ENVE) are aesthetically pleasing to me more often than steel forks.

    I often feel torn between two worlds of bike philosophies, one one hand I appreciate and like modern technology and design and on the other hand I love traditional bikes and design. But both sides sort of hate each other.

    Who’s right?

    • Matthew J

      I much prefer a well thought rake over a modern straight fork Getting the rake right demonstrates the intense deliberation and well honed skill of the builder.

      My aesthetics are so obviously right while you are clearly wrong.