Mando Rando with Ultra Romance Mar 9, 2014

This is an old video and it’s fairly long but damn, it makes me want to spend some time in Nutmeg County with Benedict. The dude even shreds on his fixed. Nice find GSC and I’ll see you tomorrow Bene!

Also, check out Ultra Romance’s Bicycle Hott Spot (yes, it’s SFW).

  • PwetStar

    Hopefully there’s some footage of him on his Trek!

  • Victor_Tvrdy

    Descends on gravel on a fixed breakless are in my expereience real pain in the ass (literally). Or am i doing anything wrong?

  • Mo Shizzle

    Yehuda, dat you?

  • caliente

    So much beautiful man thigh. #manthighmonday

  • chrispiascik
  • lars

    I love the Quinetucket Traditions video. Pure stoke!