I Hope Your Weekend Oct 5, 2012

Is as good as this. Happy Friday.

  • Amartinek14

    We gotta note that the kid is 4

    • norby

       And on a little BMX bike it looks like.

  • Dbbikes

    So good…

  • Max


  • I teared up at how excited he is.no joke.

    • James

      Same here dude.

  • Guest

    his shadow is so fun

  • Love it

  • “come on dad, do the big drop!”

  • Liz

    SO CUTE. Glenn showed this to me and I told him my uterus did flips (TMI?) Haha regardless I’m including this in today’s blog post link roundup!

  • clean

    there’s no better feeling than riding with your kids and seeing/hearing them get psyched! that being said, my friday will not be this nearly this fun, as i woke up to slush all over my porch and i now get to go pedicab in it for the next 12hrs…

  • Joshua Robot

    Sometime I am hopeful. I love how the kid psychs himself up after doing the drop “Yeah. Oh yeah buuudy.” 

  • Ahab

    I’ve ridden Hellion, and god damn it if I didn’t feel exactly the way that kid did the first time down.


  • Seanfclark

     more posts like this john! so awesome.

  • This is will be me and my son a few year from now.  He’s 18 months old.  Cant wait.